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DW: Vokietijos Deutsche Welle cituoja europarlamentarę Laimą Andrikienę

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Laima Andrikiene MEP: "The address of Vladimir Putin that he delivered yesterday was directed to his internal audience in Russia. Kind of speech "Let us make Russia great again", kind of "a cherry on the cake" before March 18 Presidential elections. In fact, his speech about all the new Russian weapon technology was pure propaganda when Putin tried to flex his muscles at the West and to impress his domestic audience. But the Western world was not impressed at all. The reality is that there will be no democratic elections in Russia as the final results of the "elections" are determined in advance. And the reality in Russia is different to the perception that Mr Putin tried to deliver. 
On the other hand, if Russia will start a new arms race again, this will impoverish the already poor Russia and it will destroy its already week economy".